Anytime you have a special occasion or a wedding or birthday, you need decorations and favors. You do not want just any typical decoration. You want something unique and personal. You want high-quality handmade umbrellas from Malaysian manufacturers. If you are looking for products that will promote your business, or you want to give gifts with your logo on it to clients and co-workers, you need custom-made parasols from Malaysia.

Companies in this country are known for making some of the best umbrellas available. These are great for use whether it is raining or the sun is shining brightly. In fact, these are essential to avoid getting too much sun exposure. Most of the products available are made from fabrics that are specially treated to repel UV rays. No need to apply extra sunscreen, just pop open a parasol.

Your clients or party guests will appreciate getting a gift that is useful. Plus, when they are souvenirs of a special time, it makes them sentimental as well as useful.

There are basically two types of umbrellas. There are pre-made items that come in a variety of colors, patterns and designs. Then, there are those that you can have custom made in any design you want. Specialty manufacturers can even use appliqu├ęs like batik designs or silk flowers for an added touch of authentic Malaysian elegance.

Forget having to stick with plastic items which will work one or two times and break. Many items are made from real bamboo. Not only is bamboo durable, it is also ecologically sound. Your manufacturer will ensure your umbrella order is fulfilled exactly the way you want it. You can order them in large quantities or small quantities. There is no limit.

Wedding favors are best made when you choose from parasols with your specially chosen colors and fabrics. Look for artificial silk for umbrellas that will really charm the wedding guests. Make sure to custom order them in colors that will match the wedding party.

For less formal occasions such as team building picnics or children’s birthday parties, order a batch of paper umbrellas. These are authentic Maylasian products. They make the perfect favor or decumbrella malaysiaoration for a terrific price.

If you are a business owner or part of a retail establishment, consider ordering larger sized umbrellas for your outdoor area. You can have your business logo or image affixed to these pieces or just order them in colors that match your outdoor seating area for restaurants and hotels.

No matter how many items you order, you get the same quality as if you custom-ordered one parasol. In fact, forget buying your next umbrella at a regular store. Next time, place a custom order for a quality piece you will really enjoy and get great use out of for years.

Your items are never made by individuals who are forced to work in unsafe or dangerous places. Order your umbrellas from the top Malaysian manufacturers for all your needs.