tone excelGet the most from your mobile phone service. Enjoy great talk time and make money, too. Does this sound impossible? It is not.
Since 2010, Tone Excel has been a partner of Tune Talk. This is the company that has provided it the network that reaches the most people, all while letting those same people achieve financial freedom just by using their cell phones. Tone Excel biz has a commission program that is open to anyone who has a prepaid SIM. This commission program allows users a great way to make easy, passive money. Here is what it takes to get started.

When you have decided that you want to make extra cash, buy yourself a Tone Excel SIM card. Next, register online to activate the tone excel SIM card and activate the commission account. This can only be done with the RM90. However, you get unlimited benefits. Once it has been activated, the user can start adding to the SIM and start inviting others to participate in the program. Doing this also help you top off your SIM.
Even if a top off of RM20 is done, the user gets to earn commission. The commission is paid straight to the individual’s bank account. This really is a hassle-free way to earn extra cash. You get to add your bank account information when you register. Be sure the information is correct in order to avoid any problems paying out your first commission.
You get a chance to get fast track bonuses that all Tone Excel members can take advantage of. Besides the regular commission earned for each RM20 top up you will get referral points by inviting a member to join the program.
Just invite as many people as possible to join the Tone Excel program and you get extra points. It is a win-win situations. You get to introduce your family members, your friends, neighbors and colleagues to an excellent program that will help them earn money all while earning yourself even more money for referring them.
This is not as hard as it sounds. Malaysia has millions of mobile subscribers. You will succeed at being an affiliate easily. So, how do you get others to join you?

First, make use of strategic marketing. The harder you work at getting people to join, the more income you can generate for yourself. Let people know on social media or your website that you participate. This will help you ensure that mobile users who are interested in the program join through you and no one else.

The most successful members have so many  benefits waiting for them. Put in extra time and effort, because you will reap so many more rewards in the Tone Excel program by doing this. Another way to ensure your success is by creating you own affiliate website. If you set up a special site just for the program, even more people will join through your account. Besides this, having a website is a great way to get recognition from Tone Excel. You will stand out from the rest of the members and really make the company proud.

There are other ways to promote the program in a strategic manner. In addition to social media, your personal website and an affiliate site, make use of e-mail marketing and text marketing. Remember, Malaysia’s mobile user market is a huge one, that continues to grow steadily.
To make your campaign successful, be sincere and creative. You know you love your Tone Excel service. Let everyone else know why they should join and they will trust what you say. Tone Excel has a very exciting rewarding commission program in place. You will enjoy succeeding with them and you will help others succeed in making money with them, too.

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